ロケットの打ち上げ中継を観る集会「SpaceX/Falcon9/GPS-III 3号機 Columbus」


時間: 4:55~ 時間(アーカイブ視聴会): 21:55~

GPS-III 3号機、明日の早朝 (日本時間7/1(水) 04:55) 打ち上げです

イベントカレンダーには打ち上げを見送った後に登録します#天文仮想研究所 https://t.co/mPJPe3HoGP

— medaka@VRChat (@oryzias0213) June 30, 2020


SpaceX / Falcon9 / GPS-III SV03 "Columbus" の打ち上げは
無事成功、ブースターも無人船「指示をよく読め」に着陸した模様です#天文仮想研究所https://t.co/6yn9JQyq7l pic.twitter.com/jNHD94eVSY

— medaka@VRChat (@oryzias0213) June 30, 2020

This morning, we enjoyed watching the live video of the launch of SpaceX/GPS-III. The time was just suitable for European attendees, there were 6 members from the EU. Discard voice chatting in English translation worked perfectly.✌️#VRChat #天文仮想研究所 #VirtualSpaceProgram https://t.co/CG3GDiCJP8 pic.twitter.com/DoFAxV0Lii

— litalita (@litalita9764629) June 30, 2020

The event to watch the launch of SpaceX/Falcon9/GPS-III "Columbus" in the archive video was just over.
They were waiting 1.5 hours for deploying the satellite, even it is archive video!

Next event by medaka-san will be July 4, 05:30 JST.#天文仮想研究所 #VirtualSpaceProgram pic.twitter.com/MV6LfPh1gK

— litalita (@litalita9764629) July 1, 2020